Hello, I'm Emma-Louise and I setup 63 Islands in April 2014. I am a self proclaimed foodie and this passion for food was the main drive for starting the business.

At the beginning of 2014, I personally felt street food was still in its infancy within Birmingham. I was eager to get on the scene and be part of what I saw as a growing movement. The general public have become more food curious and I didn't see any other trader offering diversity within Caribbean food, so I used this as 63 Island's USP and began my culinary research into the islands and what dishes defined and differentiated them from one another.

The key objectives I set out to achieve with 63 Islands, were to cook good quality street food and let people know there is more to Caribbean cooking than jerk chicken. 

       Settlers coming from countries such as France, Spain, India, and The Netherlands brought native foods and dishes to the Caribbean islands giving us a rich diversity of flavours and cuisines. 63 Islands looks to celebrate this diversity with dishes from around the Caribbean and broaden perceptions on what is known as Caribbean food.

We are learning and cooking new island dishes all the time, so please keep an eye on our 'Menu' page to view our current and full menus to see what we're up to.

​63 Islands caters at street food events, food festivals as well as corporate and private events. Our menus can be catered to suit you, if you require a full vegan menu or to serve only half portions this can be easily arranged.

Don't be shy, feel free to get in touch via our 'Contact' page.

63 Islands - "Wish you were here!"

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